The Founder of PIS, Al-khobar

With the oil boom in sixties, Saudi Arabia was becoming a nucleaus of trade and commercial activity. Like that of the other parts of the Kingdm, Pakistani engineers, doctors and professionals from all walks of life were also pouring in the Eastern Province. But in the absence of any Pakistani educational institution they could not keep their families here for long. There was a pressing need for a school. At that juncture Mr. Abbas Hussain Malik established Pakistani Community School Al-Khobar with the sole objective of giving quality education to the children of Pakistani Community.

So devoted was Mr. Abbas Hussain Malik in his mission, so selective was the teaching staff he recruited and so immaculate was his management style that Pakistani Community School soon earned the fame of an exemplary seat of learning that thrice has the school been declared as the best overseas school for its distinguished academic performance.

In recognition of his immensely valuable services, Pakistani Community publically gave Mr. Abbas Hussain Malik the title of Sir Syed-e-Sani (Sir Syed-II).